Spinach and Dill Falafels

So after my #21Earthydays challenge by  Earthyandy I am pretty keen to keepup this way of life. I like to live a life of as much freedom as possible andprefer not to define myself as one thing like a vegan or pescatarian, butprefer to eat a plant based diet, staying away from processed foods  with a little meat or dairy every now andthen. My philosophy on food is changing and being challenged the more and moreI learn and I love that about this passion of mine.

Plant based is defined by the NCBI as ‘a regime that encourages whole, plant based foods and discourages meats, dairy products and eggs as well as all refined and processed foods.’


I find lunches are the hardest thing to keep up the good habit with. Dinner you have a bit of time and breakfast you can blend a smoothie quickly or make over night oats the night before. So Lunches I like to have yummy things available to add to salads or Buddha bowls like this one.Hummus is a great one to have around and one tin of chickpeas will make you enough to last a few days at least if not more. I have also started keeping wild rice and lentils cooked and frozen so that I can defrost and use it at any stage.


These spinach and dill falafels are a perfect snack to keep around to add to a salad to make it more substantial.

Makes 8


1 tin chickpeas drained

Small clove of garlic

2 large leaves of spinach

A small bunch of fresh coriander/ cilantro

5 or so sprigs of dill

1 teaspoon ground cumin

100 ml gluten free flour or regular cake flour

Sunflower oil



Pop the garlic in the blender with the coriander and dill and blend to chop it nice and small then add the chickpeas, salt and cumin.Blend until smooth.

Put oil in a pan, enough to just cover the whole bottom of the pan and let it heat up on a medium heat. If you take quite long to roll your balls just make sure the oil doesn’t burn, rather turn it off and wait until you have a few rolled.

Divide the dough into 8 even pieces and then roll them into balls or flattish patty shapes like I have done here. Roll in the flour, dust some flour off so that it doesn’t cake and fry in the pan until it have browned a little on each side. Don’t worry if it is a little sloppy, it will harden together once it cools.

Hope you enjoy them. 

Amy van der MerweComment