Cacao, Apricot and Black Mulberry smoothie bowls


It has been an incredible and crazy ride for the last 3 months with starting up our restaurant and finding out that I am carrying a beautiful little love child in my belly that I havn’t spent any time on An Earthen Life - My first love :)

I wanted to talk about pregnancy honestly and share my experiences so far especially as someone that is really passionate about nutrition and feeding my body with plant based goodness. I found the first few months extremely difficult with feeling nauseas all day and not wanting anything fresh that I had to crunch through. So to be honest I lived on mashed potato and mac and cheese for the first while and also had a cheese burger at one stage. I have regretted this ever since and wish that I had’ve had the will power to feed myself and my baby the best and most nutritious food when our child is so tiny and developing into a healthy, strong child.

Since then I have been better and now, 5 months later I am on a true mission to give us the best and well rounded plants to chew on :)

If I had to do it all again I would like to do it differently, even if I had to trick myself into eating my greens and I would love to help other women eat the best the can. After all we are growing a human and need the most help we can get.

This is a recipe I made last week with lots of cacao to up my iron count and it tastes like ice cream so I think that I would’ve even eaten it in the first few months.

Ingredients: (Makes 4)

4 frozen bananas

4 TBS cacao nibs ( High in Iron)

2 TBS black mulberries ( I used dried from Soaring Free Superfoods )

1 tsp maca powder ( Boosts your immune system and reduces stress)

1/2 tsp chia seeds ( High in Calcium )


1 TBS goji berries (Complete protein)

2 TBS dried apricots chopped

1 TBS cacao nibs

Pecan nuts (Good source of B complex vitamins)


Put all the smoothie ingredients in a high powdered blender and blend until smooth. Place in bowls and top with your topping. Eat is straight away or it will melt and then set from the chia seeds.