Papaya smoothie bowl


Smoothie bowls are so very beautiful and super easy to make. They are also amazing for getting a lot of variation of nutrients into a meal. 

I have met a lot of South Africans who want to eat more plants but just don't know what to make and end up eating toast for breakfast and pasta with tomato sauce for dinner. And don't get me wrong, that is one of my favourite dishes and you will catch me eating it at least once a week. But probably isn't the most nutritious of meals for a regular.


I will be working on a meal prep post next week to help busy people with ideas on how to make eating more plants easier. But this weekend I am going camping :)

Makes 2 for a medium sized papaya - but you can always just double the recipe for more



1 frozen chopped banana 

1/4 pineapple cubed

1 tsp maca powder 

1 tsp baobab powder ( You can make this without the superfoods too - it will be just as delicious and fruit is just s good for you - so don't get put off )

1 tsp honey if you want a sweater smoothie - I don't like very sweet breakfasts so I leave it out

Toppings and bowl ingredients:

1 medium papaya (pawpaw) - halved and deseeded

100 grams Earthshine Berry blast granola

Handful gooseberries

1 passion fruit / granadilla


Place your frozen banana, pineapple, superfoods and honey in the blender and let it sit there until you have prepped the rest of the ingredients - This is so that the banana can defrost slightly to make it a little easier on your blender.

Prep your papaya by slicing it length ways in half and deseeding it with a spoon. Cut your gooseberries in half and any other fruit you would like to add on top of the "bowl". 

Blend your smoothie - if it isn't blending you can add a little water or plant milk to make it more liquid.

Add this into the papaya bowl and top with all your other ingredients and enjoy!